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This is the official podcast of the official supporters group for the official Major League Soccer Team in Colorado: the Rapids. We talk about the Rapids results and roster pregame every week. We are the fan's perspective and the voice of every Rapids supporter across the globe.
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Aug 16, 2018

Thanks to a late wonder goal from Nana Boateng, we defeated San Jose once again. Then, we pulled out a tie against LA Galaxy, without a single goal from Zlatan. Clearly, the team is starting to hit a stride. But that doesn’t mean we can’t banter! We discuss the loss of Azira and the signing of our youngest homegrown player ever, Cole Bassett. Then, eyes are forward to LAFC, where for once the tables are turning in our favor.

Aug 9, 2018

After a big upset over the LA Galaxy, the gang talks about what worked and what didn’t. The 4-4-2 diamond was effective, but is our lineup where it needs to be? We follow this up with a look at the next two games on our California Adventure, with San Jose at home and a midweek road game against LA Galaxy. Can the Rapids prove themselves against the weakest team in the league? We had better. Can the Rapids beat LA on their home turf, with their star player Zlatan Imabeabich back? That might be more challenging.

Aug 2, 2018

The Rapids once again come home from a road game with no point in hand. Despite some great moments by Acosta, the team is still struggling to defeat what should be otherwise an easy opppnent. Although we did break Rooney's nose, so it's not quite a total loss for us. We make each other depressed as we take a look at our weak offense and how individual players on others teams have nearly the same amount of goals we do. That gives us a nice segway to talk the Zlatan-less LA Galaxy coming to the Dick as the Rapids start the first of 4 games in a row against California teams. Can we get a much-needed win this weekend? Or will LA be gifted an easy three points on the road?

Jul 26, 2018

It has been a whirlwind week for the Rapids! We talk walking away from RSL with a point in hand to keep the Rocky Mountain Cup a small possibility, and the Boca Juniors friendly match. Then, we talk the big news from the week as we discuss the landmark deal; we sent Badji off to FC Dallas in exchange for USMNT player Kellyn Acosta. Is this going to benefit us in the long run, or is this another classic Rapids bust in the making? Will he be able to help us pull a win out against DC United in their currently flooding new stadium? Tune in to hear our thoughts and confusing ramblings!

Jul 19, 2018

Newcomer Giles Barnes helps salvage a tie from Houston, as he takes over for departing forward Joe Mason. The gang reflects on the boring 0-0 draw, and talk about a few rumors around the current transfer window. Then, it's that time of year again as the 'Pids make their way to the saltiest of fanbases for an away game against FSL. Hopes are not high, but can we walk away from Rio Tinto with point(s) in hand?

Jul 12, 2018

After 3 games without a loss, the Rapids slid back into their usual ways with a loss at home against Seattle followed by a loss on the road to Montreal. The gang struggles to make sense of the state of the team, as Colin throws a challenge to the front office. We talk transfer window, any potential moves for the team, and who might be on the chopping block. Finally, we try to put the past behind us as we turn to face Houston next weekend

Jul 4, 2018

Midweek Madness: Rapids pulled off their first road win in almost a calendar year as we grinded out 3 points from Vancouver. But, with a packed schedule of Seattle and Montreal making 3 games in 7 days, do the Rapids have what it takes to keep the wins coming? We talk the game against Vancouver, the changes made to the lineup, and who might be in the starting XI. Finally, we talk some pregame for both Seattle and Montreal as we look at our busiest week in 2018

Jun 28, 2018

The crew with special guest Juan is happy about the victory over Minnesota, but does that mean our problems are over? Are we about to hit a 9-game winning streak, or is the win more of a fluke? We talk the game, the extra Boli suspension, MLS All Star game and discuss a little about what might happen during the upcoming summer transfer window. Lastly, we take a look to the upcoming game against Vancouver

Jun 17, 2018

Do we still suck? The crew reflects on the 2-2 tie against Chicago while trying to pull the fanbase back from the ledge. Is one game enough to turn it around or do we need to see some consistency well as progression. Minnesota comes to town next; Colin Diggs up stats that say we may have the edge, is that right?

May 31, 2018

Let's all go streaking!!! We got a streak on our hands, who cares if it's a losing one right? The crew tries to find the positives in yet another loss at home. Numbers go flying when they guys compare losing streaks of past and how this promise of an attacking team has seen them score just 4 goals in 6 games. Not to mention failing to earn a single point during the month of May. Moving Forward the crew points out that there will be three games in ten days and if ever there is a chance to see Stefan Aigner now would be the time.

May 24, 2018
Its all a blur. Brendan and Austin attempt to make sense and find the positives in the 4-0 shellacking in New York City - quick how many conclusions and positives did they find? With the Pids on a 5 game skid the rash has now become a full blown infection and the crew wonders how long do we wait before surgery. Basically how long do we get to see the same thing from the team without changing anything? Did Brendan find a silver lining out at training? Portland comes to town this week; like NYCFC they are on a hot streak and the boys are willing it to the universe for three points.
May 17, 2018

Grab your floaties! Its a liferaft as Dr. Voice and DrunkenMonk attempt to decypher the loss to NYRB; even more so that offsides call. There is some chat about training and an Aigner sighting. Where are the tempers of the fans as the Rapids go to NYCFC to attempt what not other team has done so far this season - Win at yankee Stadium.

May 9, 2018

C38 came, saw the Rapids lose and now we have to discuss it. This week the crew tries to flexSeal the fan base as patience begins to wear thin with a Rapids losing streak on hand. Then, the crew paddles forward to discuss NYRB coming to DSGP.

May 3, 2018

All this yellow makes us want to yell, yo!
Between the yellow team and yellow cards the burgundy boys could not bag three points from the purple people eaters that are Orlando City SC.

Tim Howard making an appearance at the C38 tailgate proved to be the highlight of the day as the crew touches on what it took to get the Captain out there and on mic with Brendan and Brian.

Finally; C38 is busing it to Sporting KC this weekend and are taking Colin and Austin with them.

Apr 30, 2018

Voice of C38 interviews the Secretary Of Defense Tim Howard at the C38 Tailgate on 4.29.18. Two years of work coming to fruition. 

Apr 26, 2018

Colorado Rapids: U-came, U-saw, U-tahrded.

If there is a bright side to last week's game; and I'm digging deep here, it has to be this: This new team had nothing invested in the FSL rivalry...until now.

We relive the glory of the wins so it's only right that we make you relive the agony of defeats. And this one is bloody agonizing.

We talk tactics, positioning, players, all the usual stuff but with a darkness in our hearts as we fall oh so far behind in the Rocky Mountain Cup run.

But all is not lost. There is time to retake this advantage and we look forward to another home brunch this weekend when we face Orlando.

Come tailgate, come chant, just come support the Burgundy Boys with us.


Apr 18, 2018

Another triumph! This time a bit of retribution against a version of Toronto FC that is solely focused on the CCL tournament. 

We also saw Yannick Boli make his debut and the triumphant return of Mr. Shkelzen Gashi; and a goal to boot.

After a generous, and well deserved, bask in the post-coital bliss of another home win, we move on to the weekend: FSL Away.

Jack Price now has 4 yellow cards in 4 games. Should coach turn the bull loose in the china shop and let him get that 5th one in Salt Lake? Or should he ask him to behave for awhile? 

We say let the bull loose in the china shop!!!

Gear up for some good ol' fashioned rivalry as we pursue a long lost Rocky Mountain Cup!

Apr 11, 2018

The makeover year of 2018 is starting to develop into another troubling pattern. The Rapids are showing more offensive aptitude but continue to forfeit the win in the dying minutes of the match.

It's early days still, we know, but it's never too early to break a bad habit; especially when Goliath is coming to town.

As the Rapids host MLS reigning champions on Saturday, the fans and the team are desperate to show what the burgundy boys can do at home. We don't have the usual altitude advantage as Toronto comes to Denver straight from Mexico City on the high of a CCL Semifinal win and chance at more silverware...but we can't help but wonder if the Rapids have an altitude advantage after all.

If there is an advantage to playing Toronto FC right now, it might just be that their focus is on that CCL championship. And their MLS record thus far is testament to that.

Join us Saturday at the Dick and root the 'Pids on to a devastating victory over a likely beleaguered TFC.

Thanks for listening and #COYPids!

Apr 5, 2018

Holy Hat Trick Badj-man!

The new and improved Colorado Rapids came up with a huge win over the Philadelphia Union on Saturday--And Dom Badji scored the Pids' first hat trick in 6 years.

This week we break down the transformation of the team from first half to second half. Can the Burgundy Boys meld into the type of team that can effectively adjust on the fly? Or will they always need the halftime pep talk to re-focus their efforts?

A couple of concerning injuries have us worried going into Frisco and we talk about short or long term replacements in the starting XI and can Serna finally get his chance to prove his worth...again?

Thanks for joining us at the MLS' Greatest Tailgate, and thank you, as always for tuning into the podcast.


Mar 28, 2018


An early lead blown in stoppage. Why am I telling you that, you were there. What went so wrong for the Rapids last weekend? Was it mentality? Fitness? Mis-subbing? Bad Reffing?

Whatever you think the answer do we. And we continue to wait for what we were promised.

Join us this week for an in depth, no nonsense dissection of the COLvSKC.

We can be critical, we can be accepting of a consolation point, but we have to gear up for another home game as we host those SOBs from Philly on Saturday. Let's speculate on starting 11 and injury updates.

Thank you for joining us again this week. Please follow us on all the mainstream social medias and tell a friend, yeah?

Mar 21, 2018

It's nearly game night and the Voice has a very game Knight as guest; Sir Richard Fleming, Play by Play Announcer of the Colorado Rapids.

We talk with Richard about the twisted road he followed to Colorado from England and how this American Life is treating him and his family.

If you've never had the pleasure of speaking with Richard, you are in for quite a treat for there aren't many more charming and witty as he. And he tells us about his unforgettable introduction to Centennial 38.

Bidding Sir Rich adieu, we move on to the long awaited home opener for the 2018 season. Brendan has been to training and he and Brian have thoughts about the cementing of our starting 11. 

Colin will break down Sporting Kansas City's dubious start to the season and we pontificate on the Rapids ability to take advantage of their all-together not together defense.

Finally, a game of "KC Rapper or SKC Baller". Kansas City is home to a rather impressive amount of up and coming rappers. They bridge race lines (and talent) like their city bridges the mighty Missouri and inspire us with the love of their town. Play along as we try to guess who is a Kansas Rapper and who is a SKC player with an internet generated rap name. 

Thanks for joining the Voice and COYPIDS!!!

Mar 15, 2018

Just as March in Colorado is said to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion, we can only hope the Rapids season follows the same evolution.

The first game of 2018 wasn't a bad game-- It was an unlucky game. Without giving too much credence to the cosmic idea of "luck"; sometimes bad things just happen. That's football. That's sport. Hell, that's life.

The Rapids did show us the fruits of a short off-season of team building, and keeping that in mind, I don't think we can legitimately be angry with the result. We can just be angry AT the result.

Moving forward we look to another bye week and hope the upcoming Dick's debut is fireworks on the pitch.

There's another viable rumor to discuss out of China's Super League; could this be the veteran striker the Rapids have been missing (for faaaaaaar too long)?

Thanks for joining us for another week of Pidcasting. We can't wait to see everyone out on the 24th!! Go Pids!!!!

Mar 8, 2018

The MLS 2018 season has officially kicked off...for everyone but us (and Chicago too I guess).

What was supposed to be our home opening weekend fell by the wayside to make room for some preseason competition and we continue to feel the weight of the waiting.

We do have a road opener to look forward to though, and we are joined by Colorado Rapids Director of Communications, Ryan Madden to discuss the anticipated payoff of the Great Experiment.

Also joining us is C38 Grand High Poobah, Dave Wegner to discuss the season opener watch party.

The cast gives their predictions for the season writ large as we look at a hobbled New England team on Saturday.

Thanks for joining us again this week and please share the good word with any and all Rapids fans you know.

Cheers, CRTID!

Mar 2, 2018

The CONCACAF Champions League is done as far as the Rapids are concerned and the pundits are out to criticize all the changes they haven't paid any attention to over the off season.

Let's talk about Coach Hudson's CCL attitude and the offensive launched against him on twitter. Then, the MLS has come out with their first power rankings of the year and the Rapids land in the basement without much explanation.

But wait there's more! The MLS has also come out with its five most improved teams of 2018 and the Rapids, while having bolstered the roster in an unprecedented off season rebuild, DID NOT make that list either.

So bring your inferiority complex and join us for some reality for an hour or so. There's a lot to discuss as we look towards the beginning of the real campaign of 2018.

With Aigner and Nana out of the country in pursuit of their green cards, Brian and Matt chat about which Rapid they'd marry to expedite the process. 

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Feb 22, 2018

It was the best of soccer, it was the worst of soccer.

Alright that's a huge exaggeration but with all the tweets about "a tale of two halves", how could we not name the episode that?

There was a Rapids game on Tuesday. That's good.

It was against Toronto. That's bad.

The Rapids looked better than they have in two decades. That's good.

Toronto scored two unanswered goals. That's bad.

It was the coldest MLS game in history. That's good and bad.

If you were there you have yet another instance of bragging rights. Add this game, which has yet to be cleverly named, to Snow Classicos I and II to your badges of honor; you are the best fans in soccer.

So tune in and let's talk about what we saw in both those halves. A handful of starters mixed with some depth all still learning to gel as a team. The truly deep and self-delusional among us overwhelmingly chose to see the positives in this game.

Bottom line was the Rapids looked like a real professional soccer club that has finally risen up to the demands of the modern league.

And that's not nothing. 


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